The overall theme for the MilSim Asia 2017 conference is Military training for an evolving technological and geopolitical landscape

In an era where Asia is seen as the driver behind world economic growth and the rising role of Asia on the international stage a reflection on what is widely viewed as the ‘Asian Century’, the region is in the midst of incredible change.  There is no better illustration that the diversity and scale of investment being made into the modernisation of Asia’s militaries.  At the forefront is significant military investment in equipment and the pursuit of enhanced military capability to meet the diverse challenges of the 21st century.

In the context of Asia, the cornerstone of military capability in a rapidly changing technology based environment is having the appropriate training systems that leverage these newly acquired capabilities.  The key to which is the ability to deliver an effective and integrated fighting force across warfare domains. MilSim Asia will look at the role military simulation and training can provide in this burgeoning region and cover a range of challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of military modernisation.  Speakers from both military and industry will address issues ranging from the strategic outlook in Asia to specific simulation solutions unique to the region. 

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